Mobile app development for news agencies

We offer a simple, but powerful, Android app (iOS in development) with an easy-to-use content management system. Special features include: quick news notifications, partner/sponsor ads and others.


Important Features

Only necessary
mobile news notification


Users will get a breaking news notification in approximately 15 minutes since the article was published.



You can sell advertisement space to local or national partners/firms.


Easy to use CMS

Easy to use Content Management System for publishing news articles, creating and managing ads, statistics.


Drag and Drop


The Android app can help you deliver breaking news, to your readers, in about 15 minutes, with the help of notifications. When you publish a new article, you have the option to set it as a breaking news and the app will notify your readers that you have just posted an important story.


Using the simple news app, you can give advertisement space to local, regional or national firms. You can make advertisement deals with this firms and publish a small banner on your app pages. All this is managed through the Content Management System << the web platform that comes with the app >>. The CMS also gives you statistics regarding the ads: impressions (how many times an ad was served) and clicks. And you can export a PDF report with all this data.


Easy to use CMS

The Content Management System is a web platform that comes with the app and allows you to manage all of your content. Using your admin account, you can add new users/journalists to the platform so that every member of your team can manage his own content/articles. The admin has access to all of the features of the platform. He can create, edit or delete: users, ads and articles, also has access to statistics. The users/journalists can see and manage only their own articles.


How to get the News App for your business!

You are in luck! For the first three customers we will build and maintain the app for free. After that, all the new customers will have to pay a monthly fee for our services.

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